Termite Treatements Sydney & Termite Damage Repair

Restwell Property Services prides itself on providing the very best in termite control and termite prevention. we use the latest and most advanced Systems that have been proven to work effectively in Australia.

Depending on your circumstances we can utilise both chemical barrier treatments and baiting systems to treat termite problems.

To further assist with termite prevention we can also provide subfloor ventilation services to assist further in eradicating future termite problems.

We can also repair termite damage to your home's foundations.

Restwell Property Inspections provides:

  • Exterra Baiting Systems
  • Exterra Baiting Systems Sydney
  • Exterra Baiting Systems Wollongong
  • Termidor Treatments
  • Termidor Treatments Sydney
  • Termidor Treatments Wollongong
  • Termite Treatments Sydney
  • Termite Treatments Wollongong

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Termite Chemical Treatments


Damage Repair

Sub Floor