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Sub Floor Ventilation

Creating good sub for ventilation is an excellent long-term solution to discourage termite activity. It is also important to help protect the structures of your home by ensuring that the subfloor is always dry and well ventilated

Restwell offers a comprehensive inspection of your home to identify subfloor ventilation problems as well as identify the causes and provide solutions to rectify the problem.

Signs of inadequate ventilation

  • Vegetation blocking or obstructing ventilation
  • lack of airflow combined with musty smells
  • Mould and fungi build up on the walls.
  • bucklingor splitting floorboards
  • blocked  vents.
  • Condensation

Sub Floor Ventilation Options

After a thorough inspection of your property rest well will identify the best solution to improving ventilation in your subfloors.  The process we follow aims to identify the causes, reduce dampness and ventilate as well as circulate fresh air into the subfloor area

Some of the options we may consider include

  • Wind driven turbine ventilation systems
  • Fan forced ducted ventilation systems
  • Air bricks vents with brass wire mesh insert
  • Eco fans
  • Air extraction units
  • Installing brass wire passive ventilators

Creating good sub for ventilation also has the benefit of

  • Prevents fungi, mould, rotting boards, musty smells, bowing timber and lifting lino or vinyl tiles.
  • Eight times the air flow of standard terracotta vents.
  • Promotes a healthy living environment for people with respiratory conditions.
  • Discourages termites by creating an airy, light environment.