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Asking for the help of a professional is well-advised in areas of structural damage or if the extent of the damage is difficult to assess. Replacing the damage with inadequate repair work or poorly implemented damage control can cause further damage in the home. 

Repairing Termite Damage

Restwell understands how difficult it can be to have a termite problem, so apart from helping you eliminate that problem we also specialise in repairing the damage caused by the infestation.

Damage may also exist from the circumstances that encouraged the infestation in the first place such as lack of ventilation and dampness.

We have over 30 years experience in making repairs to residential properties that have been eaten by termites, rot and fungus.

We specialise in

  • Crawl space work
  • Installation of trim and flooring that have been damaged
  • Joists, main beams and sill plates
  • any other wood interior or exterior that has been damaged
  • Installation of air vents &vapor covers