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Baiting Systems for Termites

Apart from chemical termite treatements we also consider the use of termite baiting systems for both treatment and prevention. This is a scientifically proven system to eliminate and monitor termite activity in your home or business. The great advantage of our system is that it does not require drilling all the application of liquid chemicals.

The Sentricon Termite Baiting System

We provide Sentricon which is an early warning detection system for termite activity.  The system works on attracting termites.  Once activity has been established by the detection of feeding behaviour at the stations at bait is added to eliminate the termite colonies.

How our Termite Baiting System Works

  1. Sentricon stations are placed around your home to both monitor or eliminate termites.  
  2. The Sentricon termite bait contains an ingredient that stops the moulting process, so termites can’t grow. As termites feed on the bait, it is spread throughout the colony and eventually the colony dies.
  3. After the colony is eliminated we continue to monitor those stations for termite activity at regular intervals.
  4. The Sentricon system stations remain on your property to monitor for any new termite activity.

A Green Solution to Termite Prevention

  • The Sentricon System uses only a few grams of active ingredient on each property, not litres of traditional liquid chemical treatment.
  • The active ingredient is targeted specifically at the molting process in the termite’s life cycle, a process not present in mammals.
  • Recruit termite bait is strategically placed in Sentricon stations only when and where needed. This minimizes the amount of active ingredient in the environment.
  • The premier bait used in the Sentricon System was the first termite treatment active ingredient accepted for registration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. This distinction is based on its low impact on human health, low toxicity to nontarget organisms (birds, fish and plants) and low potential for groundwater contamination when compared to other commercially available termite treatments.
  • It is the only termite control product ever to earn the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, one of the federal government’s top environmental honors. The award recognizes technical innovation incorporating environmentally responsible chemistry into its design, manufacture and use.

Restwell has had over 20 years of experience in treating termite infestation throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area.